How to Solve Your Dog Chewing Problems - Prevent Disaster!

MYTH - YOU CAN'T T BARF YOUR DOG. FACT - Dogs will eat virtually anything, including commercial dog food, which is often far more harmful than BARF.

MYTH - It will be too expensive to feed your dog the BARF diet. FACT - realistically you can't expect to pay more than $30 a month for a good quality commercial food, and you can't afford to feed your dog from a supermarket.

MYTH - You can't afford the extra $30K/year to feed your dog the BARF diet. FACT - A properly balanced healthy organic or natural dog food will cost you $30 a month at the most, easily. And if you visit the top quality dog foods direct from the manufacturer, you'll be spending much, much less than that.

MYTH - Only a crude cooking method will do. FACT - If you use classic cooking methods to prepare your dog's BARF BARF, you'll end up with a food that is amazingly precise, and that will give your dog a far better chance of reaching perfection that you ever could imagine.

MYTH - Nature can't take care of my dog. I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO, I'M TELLING YOU TO DO YOUR D thing, and it won't be as easy as this. FACT - it's easy! And the benefits far out way the problems!

MYTH - Nature doesn't feed my dog. I'M NOT TELLING YOU, I'M TELLING YOU TO Do it yourself.

Facts about organic dog food:

FACT -Commercial dog food is battery processed, and can contain cancer causing acceptable chemicals as the prime ingredient.

FACT -Your dog just lacks the nutrition it needs to be as healthy as it reasonably can be.

FACT -Cancer is becoming the number one killer of all dogs, particularly middle aged dogs.

FACT -Most commercial dog food contains at least six chemicals that have been banned from human foods because they cause:


bral palsy

chronic obstructions

Bra decompression

ventilation of pupils

intense allergic reactions

hair loss

Etc etc etc.

So if you think you're going to go down that road, you might want to forget about feeding your dog commercial dog food, and start to look at other options.

My recommendation:

If you want to give your dog the best life possible, ditch the pet food, and start to look at other options. One of those options is supplementing your dog's diet with fresh food that you've never cooked yourself.

I used to sell you Arden Grange, a fabulous premium dried dog food, until I realized that it contained NO chemicals, and was therefore the ideal combination for adding to your dog's food. Since it has NO chemicals, it contains NO DOG Lovers Poisoning ads, and NO meat by-products. It contains grains, it contains avocado, it contains Vitamin E, it's really quite amazing!

Lennons, like many premium foods, are also packed with meat by-products, artificial flavors, and chemical preservatives, none of which impart any benefits whatsoever, and all of which will contribute to your dogs health problems. So when you're looking for the healthiest possible dog food for your companion, avoid processed foods altogether.

Whenever you are changing your dog's diet, or the brand of food you are using for your dog's snacks and treats, always make the changes gradually, ensuring that there is NO adverse reaction. Should there be any adverse reaction, your vet may suggest that you start off with the particular product being corrected.

Most people don't have the time or patience to make their own treats, and just want to find high quality ingredients, so that they can treat their dog at the drop of a hat. You can make your own high quality dog treats, and incorporate the ingredients in an aesthetically pleasing way. You can also find out about unique dog treats flavors, and perhaps even be creative and create your own dog's treats. I would love to hear about some of your creations.

Now, there is so much information that thankfully covers. accent always comes to mind when trying to come up only the very best dog treats and dog food on the market.

"Wind Beneath My tenets"

My devotees know I couldn't possible have much love to better my friends than to see them healthy and smiling again, so I'm always pingroad my recommendations with premium dog food and especially salmon, which I know my friend Dominky is crazy about.

For Real Food or basically Real Food Alternative

The foods we give our dogs is highly competitive.

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